Todd Gessow
Todd David Realty, LLC
New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker

Todd has been a resident of Westchester County for over 20 years. Prior to his career in real estate,
Todd earned a BBA in Finance and spent over 16 years in retirement planning and managed millions of
dollars of his client’s savings ear marked for retirement. Todd has a gift of listening to his client’s needs
and developing a strategy that works best for them.

Since 2010, Todd Gessow has been active in many facets of real estate and real estate investment.
Todd is the company’s Broker, and also the founder of the Short Sale Network.

His company, The Short Sale Network, has successfully managed the entire short sale process for
hundreds of home owners faced with foreclosure. He has helped distressed homeowners get free legal
representation and thousands of dollars to help them relocate and start over.

As an investor, Todd has developed a remarkable track record of buying and selling homes over the past
20 years. He has a keen sense of how to buy a home at the right price and market a home to sell for top
dollar. He has developed tactful negotiating skills over the years and is an asset to any of his clients,
whether selling or buying.


Even if you don’t think you can sell or haven’t been able to sell in the past, a short sale can be your silver
lining. Also known as a pre-foreclosure sale, a short sale is when you sell your home for less than the
balance remaining on your mortgage and your lender accepts that amount as full payment.
Todd David Realty’s goal for clients doing a short sale is to always get the client to a better place with
more money in their pocket.

Our clients who need help avoiding foreclosure can sell their home via a short sale. Most of them have
exhausted the other foreclosure alternatives and spent thousands of dollars, without success in stopping
foreclosure. We are typically their last resort. We don’t charge for our services and we get them free
legal assistance too. Todd David Realty has a team of short sale specialists working on every case to
ensure that the short sale is processed in a timely fashion, before the house can be sold at auction.